Thursday, August 30, 2018

Everything Is Racist: "Monkey Up" / "Articulate" / "Performance" Edition

Seriously, you just can't make this shit up anymore. I mean, DeSantis also called Gillum "charismatic"! I mean...there are people who think that some black people are charismatic! It's a way of saying that Gillum isn't smart! He's merely likable! And if you say that a black person isn't smart, it's racist! Also "not my cup of tea"? Is Gillum merely a substance, an object, like food, to be used as a mere means to sustaining other people...white people???? And who drinks tea, anyway? Middle Easterners, that's who. DeSantis is otherizing Gillum!!!!111 He's beveragizing him! And "dog whistle"??? Is that suggesting that Democrats are dogs???? Top-notch PC researchers just discovered last week that 'dog' is racist! So now all Democrats are, wait...that one goes the other way...scratch that. 'Dog' is ok now. Forget that 'dog' thing...that was f*cking stupid. But all the other ones are totally racist!!!! And if you doubt that then you are totally racist! Doubting racism is a form of racism!!!!!!!!!11111111111one!!!
   Honestly, there is just so much of this buffoonery* on the left now that it's almost impossible to take them seriously.

   And I get the 'articulate' thing. But DeSantis was using it in a well-known political context: articulate spokesman for x position/views. That's completely different than "Oh, you/he are/is so articulate!" Which, though perhaps suboptimal, is also not a cardinal sin or anything--even if that were the sort of thing DeSantis was doing.
   I mean, hell, maybe he was doing that. But unless there's extensive evidence of him being a total d*ck, then no.
   This is one of the consequences of the PC/pomo alliance: speakers' intentions don't matter, and every interpretation is as good as every other. Except that some interpretations are more equal than others. And the left gets to say which ones.**

*Wait...buffoonery?  Like...clowns???? Like in a minstrel show??? I THINK YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111xinfinity

**This is actually the sort of thing such that, if independent evidence that DeSantis is a racist were to show up, then Capeheart et al.'s nonsense would be put in an entirely different light. But, by itself, and absent any such colateral's pure-D bullshit of the very highest order.

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