Wednesday, June 06, 2018

The Feminists And Other SJWs Are Going After The Big Dog

So apparently Bill Clinton is, "in the #MeToo era" (Jesus, how many times do we have to hear that moronic phrase?), expected to apologize to Monica Lewinski...for their consensual relationship. Lewinski, as you may remember, pursued him...inter alia raising her skirt so that he could see her thong.
   When Clinton was politically popular and useful to them, feminists did acrobatics to defend him, scrupulously ignoring accusations against him, including those of rape. But now, with "#MeToo" insanity loose in the land, he's expected to apologize for a consensual relationship. Because reasons.
   Feminism has been slowly--and sometimes not so slowly--flipping its shit for the last 40 years at least. It has proven incapable of making an actual dent in actual rape and sexual harassment, so it's decided, instead, to attack targets of opportunity and redefine violations so that those targets are guilty. That's how Title IX insanity has worked. Can't catch actual rapists on campus? Then brainwash college women to reconceptualize sexual regret as rape. It's easier to make something up about a target you've already got in hand that it is to go out and catch an actual perpetrator...
   I sincerely hope the Clinton tells them all to go fuck themselves. (Perhaps this will have the additional happy consequence of leading them to level "#MeToo" accusations against themselves in the future...). He doesn't owe Lewinsky anything so far as I can tell. Clinton might be guilty of sex crimes...but not against Monica Lewinsky.


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