Tuesday, April 24, 2018

PC WCs: You Will Be Decided For

The key characteristic of “Stalled!” [a type of public restroom design] is its complete desegregation. Open circulation encourages the masses to pass casually through a restroom with ease, re-absorbing the once-polarizing and isolating area into the public realm.
Whelp, I did predict this.
Again: I'm not even necessarily opposed to the sex-desegregation of all facilities in principle--though I am against it in practice, actually. I already don't like being around crowds, honestly, I grew up on a farm, and I've never completely gotten used to being around lots of other people. And I'm not exactly the biggest fan of peeing around even other dudes. If you want to maximize my discomfort in public, you could hardly do better than to integrate public restrooms by sex. Needless to say, I don't count, and neither do you. Who counts are: the 0.00000001% of the population who not only want to dress like the opposite sex (as is their right), but that also believes that we should restructure society to shore up their fantasy that they are the opposite sex. (Which is not their right.) 
   Look, I'm cool with having the discussion; I realize we may look back on sex-segregated facilities of all kinds the way way now look back on sex-segregated swimming areas. But being pushed into this by this weird alliance of (a) a tiny, probably-mentally-ill fragment of the population and (b) our progressive cultural overseers...with no discussion and no input from "the masses" as we may or may not be called in the linked piece...honestly, we ought to be pissed off about that.
   And how, exactly, is it that sex-specific public restrooms are "polarizing?" Is it because some of us Neanderthals prefer the single-sex convention? And the solution, of course is...completely restructure everything in order to satisfy the most extreme possible evolution of the preferences of the "progressive" side in the disagreement... 
   I really am starting to understand why conservatives are so pissed off.


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