Saturday, April 14, 2018

Everything You Like Is Politically Incorrect: All Music Is Evil Edition

Oh, brave new world that has such...well...such few things in it... 
   (link to a non-USA Today site as part of standard click-denial protocol.)
   It doesn't have much good music in it, that's for sure. First of all, it's all digital now WHICH MEANS BINARY WHICH MEANS TOTALLY RAPE CULTURE SHITLORD.
   Also, if the treacly "Ebony and Ivory" can't even squeak by, then what can? Here's the apparently offending lyric:
“Ebony and ivory / Live together in perfect harmony / Side by side on my piano keyboard / Oh lord, why don't we?”
Here's the apparently explanation of the offensiveness of the lyric:
Why it wouldn't fly today: McCartney and Wonder meant well with their hyper-literal interpretation of race relations. But their message of “people are the same, there’s good and bad in everyone, so let’s just get along” would be interpreted as hilariously naïve by the more woke factions of today's cultural discourse.
So...naivete is politically incorrect? Not just imprudent, but immoral?
   Though really I can't tell whether the authors are bitching about this one, too, or honestly just saying that some people would bitch about it. Maybe that's a PC defense mechanism: even if you don't complain about something, mention that there are grounds for doing so, and then use that as a defense in case you get bitched at for not bitching.
   Postmodernism remains important to the PCs--as I keep saying--because it lets them interpret whatever they don't like however they want. So if you think they can ever be reasoned with on this stuff, you can give up on that right now. They don't acknowledge that there are facts about meaning. So they can always make up something about whatever they decide to frown upon today. 
   Also I Kissed A Girl is verboten on account of being "borderline gross for its exploitative take on same-sex experimentation." not not correctly gay...because straight people might like it. Homosexually incorrect, as we might say. 
   The Moral Majority was a goddamn barrel of laughs compared to the PC neo-puritans. 
   Wonder where the PCNPs stand on these guys?: 


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