Sunday, August 13, 2017

Is Liberalism Dying?: The Most Amazing Article You'll Read Today, IMO

This is...astonishing. (Vox--but archived.)
   It's the bafflement that saturates the thing that's jaw-dropping. It seems to be written by and for people who are genuinely dumbfounded that the ACLU is defending racists' right to assemble and speak. How can a liberal organization do such a thing?????
   This seems to be a post for people who didn't have junior high civics. Or, rather, it's like a patient,dumbed-down attempt to explain America to alien hive creatures.
(And, of course, those aliens are: contemporary millennial progressives. Well, Johnny, some people think that even people who think wrongthink and say wrongtalk have a right to think and say these wrong, wrong things... This all said with the cautious tone in which one might explain to a child that there are people out there who...upsetting as this might be to realize...don't believe in Jesus...)

   The fact that this was written at all--that someone thought that it needed to be written, that anybody might need to read it--suggests to me that things are worse than even I thought.


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

Let me ask you something: When's the MSM going to blame antifa for their share of the mayhem? Never? That's why I was thinking too.

11:04 AM  

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