Saturday, August 12, 2017

Aaron Neil: Why It's Time To Stop Worrying About First-World "Gender Gaps"

This is basically the "Nordic gender equality paradox."
   As usual, I'm rather less interested in this particular dust-up than I am in the higher-level issue. Here, again, we have an important case in a more centrist attitude or approach is superior to the attitude and approach one finds farther to the left. The farther left we go, as usual, we find political correctness--i.e., the subordination of truth and evidence to ideology. In this case: men and women must be equal. To deny this is verboten. To question it is verboten. Actually this isn't exactly right, since there can't be any real doubt that, whatever the evidence, the view that women tend to be superior in the relevant respects would be tolerated at the very least. Though it's just as likely to be shouted from the rooftops.
   The farther we go toward the center, the more we find the rational attitude and approach that the facts much be confronted objectively and scientifically and discussed openly. Policy should then be formulated in the fairest way possible on the basis of our clearest and most dispassionate view of the facts.
   And, as for conservatives, at least the center-right has been righter about this than the farther left.
   There's no doubt who's wrongest in this disagreement. I wish there were a way to keep this from being swept under the rug / sucked down the memory hole once the dust clears and obfuscation of the facts is no longer a real possibility. The tendency is for the far left* to insist that its crazy views are right...until it has to start denying that it ever held them. Nobody likes the damn, looks like we were wrong phase...but political extremists particularly hate it. Infallibility is a crucial part of their view.

*Probably the far right, too.


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