Sunday, July 02, 2017

Federal Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Against California's Large-Capacity Magazine Confiscation Law

   I kinda wish I could be happy about such victories...but the most I can be is relieved. So, so many people have no business having anything more dangerous than safety scissors... But I shudder to think what we'd look like if we always made laws for them. I'm not ecstatic about high-capacity magazines being available...and, yet: thank God (metaphorically speaking, of course) for the Second Amendment.
   And, jeez...enforcement? I probably wouldn't turn in my high-capacity magazines...especially if the government commanded me to. Get bent. That's a pretty good way to guarantee that I won't do it. Sadly, I wonder whether we might, as a nation, be losing that cantankerous streak. Do we seem more sheeplike to you? Or is it just me? (The seeming thing, not the sheep thing.)
   Anyway. The Second Amendment lives to fight another day. I'm becoming rather more concerned about the First...but, then, I'm pretty alarmist about such things.


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