Monday, July 03, 2017

CNN Has Flipped Its Shit

This is just crazy.
It's basically one long, twisted, fallacious ad hominem. Here are the crucial, hard-hitting questions CNN is outraged that "the White House has declined to answer":
- Where was the video from?
- What process was used to vet the video?
- Which White House staffers if any worked with Trump on the tweet?
- How did the President come to see this video and decide to retweet it?
- Did anyone at the White House bring the video to his attention?
- Did the White House communications team or anyone else edit the video in any way before it was posted?
- There appears to have been music added since the Reddit posting of the video. Was that done by White House communications?
- Did the White House know before the tweet was sent that the video Trump posted on Sunday came from a Reddit user who posted anti-Semitic, racist content?
- Is the White House concerned that Trump endorsed a Reddit user whose Reddit history is littered with racist, anti-Semitic content?
Look...these are simply not reasonable questions. Supposing that the Reddit user in question has, in fact, "posted antisemitic, racist content"...which...I'd have to see evidence of, because CNN simply can't be trusted...that has nothing to do with the video, nor (presumably) with Trump's decision to "tweet" (shoot me) it. The video is not racist nor antisemitic in any way. You are not blameworthy for repeating, say, a poem with no bigoted content written by someone you did not know was bigoted.
Was music added since the Reddit posting???????
Was f*cking MUSIC ADDED???????????????????????
You people are morons. YOU'RE MORONS. 
This is not the kind of story that an actual news organization produces. 
It is job of goddamn work to make Donald Trump seem like a sympathetic figure by comparison...but by God, CNN, you certainly are giving it the old college try. 
And those last two questions...
I would actually gain some respect for Trump at this point if Spicer or SHS would come out and just say "Wull...yuh...sure we did. I mean...we're all a bunch of big, fat racists and Nazis here. Why do you think we picked that video? We are all huge fans of /u/HanAssholeSolo's racist and antisemitic posts on Reddit, so we just picked one at random and it happened to be the one with Trump and CNN in it."
Seriously. It's like a plague of stupid is sweeping across the country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CNN hunted down the guy who posted the meme and basically threatened to doxx him. As stunned as I am to say this, good commentary from Vox's German Lopez here.

This is really bad. And they also basically called down the wrath of every troll on the internet.

11:29 PM  

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