Friday, June 02, 2017

"Affirmative Consent" Madness A Little Bit Closer To Infecting The Extra-Academic World

Soon, we'll all be rapists.

Anybody still feel like arguing that political correctness isn't a threat to Mundania?

[Incidentally: notice how K. C. Johnson tries to argue with the left: he knows it's fruitless to try to reason with them. He knows that there's no way to move them on the basis of the fact that the policy is batshit f*cking crazy... So he uses one of their own argument templates against them: this would increase incarceration rates.
   Now...that shouldn't matter to them. It shouldn't carry any weight with lefties because they are committed to the proposition that the increase would be comprised of rapists. More rapists in prison is good, not bad. (Or it would be if they were actual rapists...which they wouldn't be...but never mind.) But when you're arguing with lunatics, I suppose you can't expect your arguments to make much sense.]


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