Friday, June 02, 2017

Victim Chess: Kathy Griffin Edition

So there was this weird thing with a bloody Trump mask...WTH? Who the hell would think that was ok?
   The alleged comedian, Kathy Griffin (with whose oeuvre I am not familiar) claims that criticism of her act by the Trump family constitutes "bullying."
   Well, that's the way our public discussions go now. Victimhood is the ultimate armor. In fact, it's armor that you...I dunno...can also take off and bash your enemies in the head with. Public slapfights are now exercises in maneuvering for the most vulnerable position. They're like dogfights in which you try to maneuver into the other guy's sights, so you can claim that you're being attacked. I'm afraid, I feel unsafe, I am threatened, I am bullied...these are now the ultimate trump cards in our discussions. Note that just about every screed by the hard campus left includes some claim to feel unsafe. Your disagreement with my beliefs is literally an act of violence against me is a closely-related complaint.
   Imagine what Nietzsche would have to say about this shit.


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