Thursday, May 11, 2017

The APA Is A Joke

That's the philosophy one, not the psychology one. (The psychology one may be a joke too for all I know...)
   Here's a quote from an email I just got from the APA begging for money:
“We must support the work of the APA in whatever way we can, because it's the only place where we all come together: epistemologists and ethicists, analytic and continental philosophers, brand new undergraduates and retired professors, philosophers from disenfranchised populations and the beneficiaries of privilege..." [My emphasis]
   Philosophy used to be largely insulated from the "social justice" loons. But not anymore...
   This is why I would not even consider giving to the APA, and I don't even pay up my dues unless I'm going to one of the meetings. The less money the APA has, the better. I mean, there's really no reason to work this bit of PC stupidity into an email going out to everyone about matters unrelated to such things. Or, rather, the reason for doing it is: the crazies have taken over the APA, and they want to use every opportunity to push their crackpot views.
   Jeez the profession has become a joke.


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