Thursday, May 11, 2017

Racism at American U., The Post's Response, And Volokh Is Right

So this racist bullshit happened at American U.
   There's no need to rail about what facepalmerific bullshit that is. We're all on the same page in that respect. I'm not even going to go down that profanity-laden path right now.
   Then the Post published this editorial.
   I'm ashamed to admit that I was saying amen until Volokh posted this.
   And, as usual, he's right.
  That produce-related bullshit...somebody deserves, sub specie aeternitatis, a punch in the head for it. But racist speech is, indeed protected speech. This is the best system we know of, in our fallen condition. We don't have to like it, but we have to allow it. In fact, we have to defend it. That's the goddamn rub, idn't it? We have to defend it.
   Also, I don't expect assholes like the banana-hanger to know any better. I don't even always expect myself to know better in the heat of the moment, reacting to such bullshit. But I do expect the Washington Post to know better. Maybe not in the heat of the moment...but in a cool hour. I'm not trying to make some federal case out of it--everybody slips up, especially in the face of bullshit like that bullshit. I completely understand wanting to publish an editorial like that. But Volokh's right, and the Post needs to repudiate what it published.


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