Wednesday, May 10, 2017

David Post On Firing Comey

Fishy, to say the very least.

   Here's the best defense of Trump I can think of (to be clear, Post does not say this--don't blame him...): 
Comey mishandled the Clinton email thing. Thus he deserved to be fired from that time forward. Candidate Trump hated Clinton and was happy that Comey handled the situation as he did--but only for tactical / rhetorical reasons. It was all bullshit. In real terms, Comey has needed firin' for over a year. So Trump has done the right thing. Consistency ad hominems to the effect that his recent, justified decision is inconsistent with his past, bullshit, campaign rhetoric are rationally weightless. Or, rather: they are indictments of his past bullshit, not of his recent action.
I'm not saying I buy this. Rather, I think that the olfactory perception of rattus rattus is undeniable.


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