Monday, January 02, 2017

Kelefa Sanneh: Intellectuals For Trump

   Trump is significantly right about illegal immigration. Well...he's righter than leftier "progressives," anyway. And it's interesting that that issue looms large for a couple of the people interviewed in this piece. But it's not as if Clinton was going to give into the Vox wing of the party, any more than Obama did. If it had been Trump vs. an open borders candidate, then it would have been a tough call. But that's not even close to the choice we actually faced. 
   And I do think that the stuff about the technocracy and the "administrative state" is worth thinking about...despite its apparent Straussian provenance.
   But these people sound mostly delusional to me. Projecting your abstruse political/philosophical hopes onto the train wreck that is Donald's like something out of a novel about disconnected, delusional academicians. Where were these people when Obama--an intelligent, rational President with a bipartisan streak a mile wide--was trying to find a new way forward in DC? How is that that an unhinged idiot is supposed to fix it all? If he did, it would have to be the randomest chance. Is that the idea? Roll 'em up and hope for a 20?
   I've got the flu and everything is pissing me off, so I'd better just end it right there.


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