Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Invisible Workload That Drags Women Down

Kinda interesting, kinda plausible.
Some scattered thoughts:
   The kernel of a good idea in the bad idea of identity politics is that we are typically better at recognizing ways in which we are screwed over than we are at recognizing ways in which others are screwed over. Identity politics blows that point out of proportion, and exaggerates a difficulty into an impossibility...but the point still generally holds, I think.
   The point in the article may very well be right. The piece does make an effort to be fair, noting, e.g., that men still spend more time making money. However, I'll just mention, not by any way of criticism: I'll bet there are other unrecognized/unrewarded duties that guys tend to more-or-less automatically take on. E.g. paying attention to house and car maintenance. Not that I think everything will perfectly even out--things usually don't perfectly even out.
   But we do live at a time at which it sure seems that a lot of energy is spent trying to convince us all that women have it tough(er than men). Which doesn't mean that it isn't true--it just means that I sometimes find myself feeling the urge to point out: if you're that dedicated to finding disadvantage on one side of things, you're probably going to find it. But let's not neglect the requirement of total evidence, eh?
   Or maybe I'm just sore about the fact that JQ can survive on no food, and I cannot. Ergo, so far as making sure that there's food in the house goes, I'm the one around these parts that has to do it!
   Anyway, the article does make a point that I think is worth thinking about, and its main thesis coheres with my own experience to at least some extent.


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