Sunday, January 29, 2017

How The P.C. (Thought) Police Propelled Donald Trump

I say this is right.
   Though I'd probably add: I don't think that it's just opposition to the language-and-thought-policing that's so central to political correctness. Rather, I think it's also opposition to the whole crazy package, of which language and thought policing are only two (prominent) aspects. PC, being bound up with the postpostmodern mishmash, is also bound to crazy modes of reasoning, e.g. the hermeneutics of suspicion, the method of free association and the political criterion of theory choice. Add to this the crazy demeanor of so many PC protesters, and you get a big ol' crazy package of crazy, in which obviously crazy people are shrieking obviously crazy things in order to try to bully / shame the rest of us into believing obviously crazy things. They're basically cultists who are, unlike most cultists, tolerated by society.


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