Friday, January 06, 2017

Grayson "See You Next Fall" Allen Back In Duke Lineup

   Don't read this, Chip.
   You have better things to do.

   Grayson Allen is a...well...see for yourself.
   I don't see how anyone can argue that he's really much of an anomaly at Duke. There's a fairly extensive history of this sort of thing there. IMO the actual physical assaults are of a piece with the near-constant grabbing, holding, flopping and the kicking-the-defender-on-the-3 that you just have to get the hell used to if you play Duke a lot. The refs just don't call it. I'm biased...but I'm not exactly the only one who's noticed this.
   At any rate...Allen was suspended "indefinitely" for his latest kickery...that turned out to mean: one game. (Notable comment on the situation by Cook Out.) That tells you something. It's data.
   K is out with "back problems" again...which might be actual back problems for all I know. If so: here's hoping him a speedy recovery. Back pain is serious business, and I know that for a fact.
   Anyway, that's all. Draw your own conclusions.


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