Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sam Kriss: Our Gutless Eviscerators

   Liberals looooove the anti-conservative rant...but they're kinda bullshit when you think about it...

   (Or, well...at least there are some points worth thinking about in there.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was actually pretty crap, Winston. The whole thing was little more than attempt to sell anti-liberal, academic-style quasi-Marxism with appeal to click bait being disappointing and Keith Olberman being annoying:

"Olbermann and his colleagues don’t understand that their own politics rise out of their own narrow interests; their bourgeois ideal has assumed the status of a depoliticized civic universal. A broad consensus — socially inclusive rhetoric at home combined with endless, distant war abroad — has become ingrained in the mainstream, but for such a stupid and contradictory doctrine to function it needs to make itself indistinguishable from the whole truth system of reality itself." Wut?

There's even some nice "the body" talk at the beginning.

That you were able to link to this with approval is a testament to Keith Olbermann's power to irritate.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Oh, crap, I forgot about that part.

I read part of it earlier in the day, and then read the rest of it (too fast) and posted it...weirdly impulsively, too...

I guess for no better reason than that that groupthinky rantiness has started to bug the shit out of me...

Ah, well.

But I DID say "at least there are some points worth thinking about in there."...meaning that I didn't necessarily think that it was all that great overall...

Still...I seriously regret having posted anything employing the term "the body"....

8:06 PM  

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