Monday, May 23, 2016

Trump Didn't "Call Mexicans Rapists": Simon Moya-Smith Edition

   He also did not "call Mexicans...anchor babies."
   Asserting that some people from Mexico enter the country illegally in order to have "anchor babies" is completely different from "calling Mexicans anchor babies." This is a junior-high-level distinction. There's no excuse for this kind of dishonesty and/or crap writing.
   This bullshit just has to stop. Racism is bad. Ergo false accusations of racism are bad. Trump's a jackass...but the truth matters even when criticizing jackasses. The assertion that many illegal immigrants from Mexico are rapists seems, incidentally, to be false. So what Trump said was apparently false. But he didn't say--and he didn't come close to saying--that Mexicans are rapists.
   It's as if the left simply can't help itself anymore...flinging false accusations of racism has just become second nature. I continue to think that the closer one gets to the center, the lest of a problem this is... But even relatively centrist liberals seem to tolerate it from their more extremist fellows.


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