Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trump at the NRA (And: What Up With HRC on Guns?)

   Watched some of it...but had to turn it off.
   Trumpo is a dangerous moron. He emits chaotic stream-of-consciousness nonsense about half the time. This guy just can't come anywhere near the goddamn presidency of the United States.
   Jebus, he didn't even have any idea what he was talking about. Had a liberal said some of the stuff he was saying up there, the NRA folk would still be shrieking about it ten years from now.
   As for Hillary magically abolishing the Second Amendment...well...every four years, the NRA somehow manages to convince its members that if the Dems win, the UN is going to be invited in to the country to go house to house shooting our dogs and taking our guns.
   The NRA is a weird, delusional place.
   Um...that having been said, however...HRC's alleged opposition to DC v. Heller is probably pretty damn close to a desire to eviscerate the Second Amendment, and HRC needs to drop that nonsense right now. Perhaps she just opposes the ruling with respect to federal enclaves...I'm really not sure. But to deny that the Second Amendment protects the rights of individuals to be armed (as four liberal justices did, to the shame of liberalism...) is more-or-less tantamount to opposing the Second Amendment itself.
   This is a case in which we've got an unqualified moron spouting random sentences on one side...and a reasonable, experienced candidate speaking mostly sensibly on the other...and yet the latter is on a trajectory that could end in much greater harm to the country than the former. HRC is smart and sensible...and yet some of the things she is saying would, on some reasonable interpretations, be likely to destroy one of the fundamental ideas on which the country is built.
   Sometimes HRC seems to just want additional, reasonable restrictions on firearms. Other times, as when she has spoken against Heller, and when she has spoken favorably about the Australian gun buy-back, she sounds very dangerous indeed.
   That doesn't mean Trump is better, of course. Just because ten percent of the random sentences he emits are better than the most unreasonable five percent of the things HRC says doesn't mean he's the less-dangerous candidate... I'm just saying that it's understandable that someone might think that, on this issue, the worst thing Trumpo might do is less-bad than the worst thing HRC might do.


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