Saturday, May 14, 2016

Title IX Rape Crisis Hysteria: University Declares Student A Rapist Because A Third Party Notices His GF Has A Hickey

George F. Will is on the case.
   So when will American liberalism put its collective foot down about this kafkaesque insanity?
For a long time it was conservatives complaining and liberals making excuses...I seem to see fewer excuses these days...but most of the criticism of this madness still seems to be coming mostly from conservative and libertarian sectors. It's hard to gauge though, of course. 
   One good thing about this though: it can, once we're through this lunacy, give us a kind of objective measure of how badly off-target liberalism is. Here's something obviously insane that all reasonable people should object to immediately, loudly, and en masse. The liberalism that attracted me in my youth would have objected immediately and unequivocally. Contemporary liberalism has not done so. However long it takes liberalism to recognize the obvious will constitute a kind of measurement of how out of whack contemporary liberalism's injustice/insanity metric is. 
   This latest case, discussed by Will, is utter madness. A case of consensual sex as both parties agree. A third party sees that the woman has a hickey and informs the campus sex Stasi. Despite the woman's testimony that the sex was consensual, the university expels the guy. This is egregious state intrusion into private matters on the order of, say, anti-sodomy laws--were they actually enforced. The fact that so many liberals are silent on--or worse, supportive of--this insanity is appalling. The fact that contemporary feminism spawned this lunacy and continues to defend it...well, obviously that's even worse. 


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