Thursday, May 05, 2016

Quadrennial Hypothetical Exodus of the Lefties

   Shouldn't we be hearing more about this?
   If x wins the presidency, I'm moving to France is the usual form of this threat...if it counts as a threat.
   France. It'd have to be France, wouldn't it?
   Translation: I am such a fragile, weepy pantywaist that I'd rather go sip espresso with the cheese-eating surrender monkeys than stay here and oppose a bad president.*
   They should be crawling out of the woodwork soon now that Trumpo is ascendant.
   Given the people who usually say this sort of thing, one can't help but be somewhat ambivalent about a GOP victory...
   I guess "I'm going to France" is the liberal analog of "Wolverines, assemble!"**

* Just kidding, French bros. Still owe you for your wingmannery in the Revolution...
** Or was it just "Wolverines!"


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