Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Trumpo Gives An Interview

He still wants a total, temporary ban on all Muslim immigration.
That alone disqualifies him.
(What triple-dog disqualifies him, however, is still his answer to the internment camp question. It was a stupid, unfair question that had nothing to do with what he actually said. Actually, I think it was more anti-Trump unfairness. There's really no route from immigration ban to internment camps... The former is a terrible idea, the latter a horrific one...but they have nothing to do with each other. Still...his response  was certainly illuminating ("Internment camps? I certainly hate the concept...".) Obviously the only acceptable response to such a question from someone running for President of the United States is something like "over my dead God damned body"... But that, of course, in not what he said, nor is it anywhere in the vicinity of what he said...)
He still seems to know just about nothing about foreign policy.
He thinks he's going to call up Putin and get Russian planes to quit buzzing our guys. He trails off ominously, suggesting that he might actually do something really, really, really, really, really stupid there...
He seems to be nearly as uninformed as Sarah Palin...but, because he is fluent in English, it's not as easy to tell. Much of what he says makes no sense...but he can generally emit mostly grammatical sentences, so...  Also, he's an accomplished he can distract people from his ignorance by just tacking more clauses onto his run-on sentences. Eventually, one forgets how the whole thing started.
Oh and the Clintons started birtherism, which Trump didn't want to talk about...not because it's crazy...but because he "gets in trouble" every time he does.
I'll give him one thing: he might succeed in moving questions about the costs of defending Japan, South Korea and Europe onto the table. I think it's kind of a tough question...but I'd at least like to see it discussed.
That guy is just bullshit on wheels. He just says whatever wanders into his toupee stand.

Hillary is going to eat his lunch, incidentally.


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