Saturday, May 07, 2016

Nominalism About Race: The Same Fallacies Over and Over Again

   Whelp, here's another video confidently spouting the usual fallacious arguments for race nominalism.
   Note also that the real emphasis comes out in the last half: something something racism, something something Nazis.
   It would be a lot better if these people were honest about their actual reasoning:
Racism is bad, therefore I'm going to employ a bunch of fallacious reasoning to try to convince you that race isn't But...not real real...because...[fallacies]. So don't be racist, m'kay?
   Good end...shitty means.
   If these arguments for nominalism/antirealism about race worked, we'd have to be full-blown nominalists/antirealists. And there goes science... Good thing they're crap, eh?

   Oh and:
   RIP reality-based community.
   The PC left is dragging liberalism toward a world even freer of those pesky facts than the one the right inhabits. At least the right just ignores the facts with good old-fashioned dogmatism and selective skepticism. The academic left wants us to adopt a whole new crazy theoretical framework, a constructionist metaphysics according to which all "facts" are fabrications...but still facts. But...y'know...not. Not really. But also really.
   Dogmatism is an error I can kind of excuse. It's one of the sins that flesh is heir to. Social constructionism is a highly-theoretical error that you have to talk yourself into. That's harder to excuse.
   Will liberals continue to be dragged toward this nuttiness? Well...I don't think so... It usually takes liberals awhile to find their brains...because they're located at the end of their spines...and they often have no use for those...  But they do tend to come around...eventually...
   My attitude toward most liberals is analogous to Churchill's attitude toward the Americans. They'll come around when they've exhausted all the other options.


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