Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Anti-White Chic: Pop Culture Crap Edition

   Well, it's trendy to hate on white people, that's for sure... That's the point, for example, of talking about "white privilege" instead of discrimination...
   I mean, I'm not going to discuss this pop culture nonsense, I'm just gesturing at one crappy article out of thousands.
   Race is, of course, still a big problem for the U.S. I'm sympathetic to the idea that we may have become complaisant about it (or perhaps just worn out by our inability to fix the problems...). Re-energizing discussion might be good... But the current trendy crap is driven by the lefty-left, which, IMO, rarely says or accomplishes anything serious and positive. The real gains are to be made by making real policy changes...not by spewing trendy new terms.
   My conservative acquaintances used to accuse liberalism of covert anti-white racism. I always thought they were wrong...I still think they were wrong back then...but one thing the far, "social justice" left is injecting into the current cultural discussion is anti-white racism. (Another thing is anti-male sexism..trendy misandry...).'s typically harder to do real harm to whites or to males with such attitudes. I'm not up in arms about this nonsense, nor do I think it's likely to do a lot of real, long-term harm to, say, me... But just as an intellectual/moral point: I'm still an adherent to the liberal ideal of color-blindness. The contempt for "white people" is loathsome. Racism is racism. Barely-concealed contempt is contempt. And "progressives" that are going down this road are not friends of liberalism. It's all pretty gross, and it's very easily avoided. But fads sell, and I'm sure we'll see this fad milked for money and political gain until it gets gross enough that more centrist liberals (typically a fairly invertebrate lot) work up the guts to criticize it.
   Of course anti-black racism is still a much bigger problem... Who would deny that? But trendy anti-white racism is not the solution to anti-black racism and its fellow travelers.


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