Sunday, July 26, 2015

Alyssa Rosenberg: Jonathan Chait, Radicalism and the Future of the Left

   Another extremely weak criticism of Chait contra the neo-PCs.
   Rosenberg avoids the substance of Chait's criticism, and wants to suggest that irrational, shrill contributions to the cultural conversation also have their place. That's going to take a lot more to establish that what we get there. The obvious response--never mentioned--is that shrill insistence and a refusal to reason can come in on either/any side of the discussion. The SJWs are wrong at least as often as they're right--more often, probably. Sure non-rational methods--like their beloved bullying and shaming--can be effective in coercing belief. But such methods have no tendency to favor true belief over false belief. In fact, they tend to be the methods employed by those who don't have good reasons to back up their views.
   It really is amazing how crappy the prominent responses to Chait have been.


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