Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Conservative Assault On UNC

   The NC General Assembly has long disliked UNC. And since the GOP took over, things have really gone to hell.
   Here's a piece at The New Yorker about conservatives in the state legislature directly trying to push Carolina to the right.
   Of course I actually agree with the conservatives about a lot of things at issue. I think that academia has a liberal-to-left-wing political bias, I think that's bad, and I think it should end. I also think that relativism, "social constructionism" and related incoherent quasi-philosophical positions have broadly infected academia to its detriment. And I have an extremely low opinion of the boutique niche programs that are largely driven by left-wing political activism (e.g. "gender studies")...
   However, the idea of intervention by politicians to force the university to conform to their ideological preferences is chilling. And outrageous.
   Damn it. This is not good.


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