Monday, February 02, 2015

Tar Heels vs. Wahoos!!!!!111

   Oh, man, I love me some UVa and always look forward to these games. Unfortunately, we only play them once this year... On the bright side, however, they are scary it's a good year for that to happen. UVa's the only team I've seen play this year of which I thought those guys are probably going to kill us...  Kentucky's good, and they won big when we played them...but we didn't play great and certainly weren't playing like a team yet. UVa just lost to Duke of course, but they basically froze up in the last few minutes of the game, after they already seemed to have things well in hand--something I doubt will happen two games in a row. Also, they're probably not going to want to lose twice in a row...  The Heels can win...but they're going to have to put together two good halves of basketball--something they've struggled to do for most of the season. The Hoos are just a fundamentally sound basketball team, with good ball movement and a good offense as well as a vaunted D. And Bennett is a damn fine basketball coach.
   Anyway, should be a fun game--and it's in Chapel Hill, so there's that.
   Go Hoos...but go Heels even more.


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