Saturday, January 24, 2015

Theo Pinson Breaks Foot, Out Indefinitely

   This sucks. First, it sucks for any college athlete to get hurt. But Theo is really something special. He hasn't gotten a lot of minutes yet, and hasn't figured out how to meld with the offense, but this kid is great. Like a lot of Heels fans, I love Pinson's game and love his amazing athleticism. More importantly, he's obviously a great kid with a big, awesome personality.
   Oh, and then there's: in my own view, if Carolina was going to go from good to great this year, it was going to largely be a result of Theo getting more comfortable in the offense and giving us more minutes. This is a team full of great kids, but personally I'm a little skeptical that they're going to get all the pieces fit together properly in the time remaining in the season...and without Theo exploding off the bench, I'm even more skeptical about it.
   Get well soon Theo! We all wanna see you play!


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