Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heels 76 - Pitt 89

   Congratulations to the Panthers, who shot 65% for the game.
   Things aren't exactly going well for the Heels, and this season could easily turn very grim over the next few weeks...we're definitely performing less well than one might reasonably have predicted. There are some things one can point to--injuries, including especially the loss of Pinson and the long absence of Berry, inability to run the break, another year of sub-standard free-throw shooting, the virtual disappearance of Tokoto... I continue to think that (as I predicted) losing Pinson for the season was much worse than most thought at the time.
   We've got a really great bunch of kids this year, and it's sad to see them so down.
   Dookies on Wednesday, which game we could easily lose. Then, God help us, State...and there's no doubt that the wuffies are thinking that this might be a good time to wreak their terrible and long-delayed vengeance on us...
   Whelp...nothing for it but to lace 'em up and listen to Roy...
   Go Tar Heels.
   Uh...I mean:
   Go Tar Heels!


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