Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gottlieb: Winslow's Blatant Grab Against Tokoto As Bad As Officiating Gets, Officials Deserve Reprimand

   I'm not particularly a Gottleib fan...but I'll post it:
Not calling a blatant grab and hold on Winslow on Duke's game tying possession in regulation is as bad of officiating as it gets. Tyus Jones drove off a ball screen set by Winslow who wrapped up his own defender. It was awful. I don't need to get into a “Duke gets the calls” “Let 'em play” debate, that is a foul on any possession in any gym in the country. Those officials should be reprimanded, it was pathetic.
   One reason that this thing was so annoying was that it's such a paradigmatically dookie move. Along with the flopping, the kicking out on 3s, interfering with the ball on made baskets, the incessant handchecking and all the other crap that K apparently coaches. (Then, of course, in the last game there were the convenient clock issues when Duke was winded...and just in time to ice the Carolina free-throw shooters... )
   Again, officiating in sports is approximate. Bad calls are always made, and they typically go against both teams. And everybody wants to whine about the refs when they lose...  But daggummit, I actually don't even dislike this Duke team particularly--and I really do like Winslow. But this crap just gets old.


Blogger John Grajeda said...

I'm so glad others can see and recognize the kicking out during 3s, hand checking, flopping, Coach K and his assistants are encouraging theatrics and cheating to gain an advantage, it ruins the integrity of basketball. I don't dislike Duke I just dislike the obvious cheating. Please NCAA put an end to this before all teams start buying in turning basketball into a circus.

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