Monday, February 02, 2015

Carolina 64 - Virginia 75

   Congratulations to the Wahoos. They definitely won that game--and it could have been a lot worse.
   Carolina just looked listless and lost the whole second half. Even Bilas mentioned it, and spent a fair amount of time talking about it. Meeks had a 101-degree fever this morning, and seemed off. Tokoto was a complete non-factor on offense, Paige seemed off...I was frankly surprised that UVA took so long to capitalize on it. Don't get me wrong. UVA's a really good team, probably second only to Kentucky. I expected them to win even with the Heels playing well...but the Heels did not play well...not in the second half, at any rate.
   Bilas mentioned something else, something more long-term that I've been marveling at/fretting about: we really don't seem to have a fast break to speak of this year. Bilas pointed to the wings not getting downcourt...but it seems to me that Paige really isn't pushing the ball either. Britt runs the break pretty well...but when he tried to push it once tonight, it was just him and Hicks in a 2-on-4 break...everybody else was way behind.
   I really love this team. Great kids, and super fun to watch when they're playing well...but they often just aren't in sync. And with Pinson and Berry injured--the former out for the season--our formerly extremely deep bench is now...well, still pretty deep...but less so.
   Anyway, that was a loss that somehow managed to be simultaneously predictable and worrisome...
   Which is not to say that the Wahoos don't deserve props for taking care of business, because they certainly do.


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