Saturday, March 15, 2014

NASA-Funded Study: Industrial Civilization Headed for Irreversible Collapse? (???)

Here's the report in the Guardian.

Despite the fact that I'm sympathetic to this sort of thing, the link to the organization does not inspire confidence in their objectivity.

I wonder whether the GSFC will have someone else analyze this report...  Seems a little tough for the layperson to evaluate. 

I don't understand why collapse conjectures are considered so fringe-y...  Seems like the sort of thing we should think seriously about. 

Note also that nothing in the story supports the headline.

(Snagged this off of Metafilter. This accorded with enough of MeFi's prejudices to be approved of by the echo that's another reason to be skeptical. Mention carrying-capacity there and you're normally accused of being a racist. But this throws some elbows at the rich, too, so I suppose that made up for the population stuff...)


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