Saturday, January 11, 2014

Carolina Sleepwalks to a 45-57 Loss

Wow. For the third game in a row, it was almost like watching a team that wasn't there.

Got some bad breaks, got some bad calls, but basically couldn't seem to do anything today. Couldn't shoot--of course. Couldn't rebound. Couldn't defend. Couldn't even hold onto the ball. Really, really painful to watch. Must be just unbelievably painful to be out there on the court when absolutely nothing is working.

I like these kids, but absolutely nothing seems to be coming together.

Syracuse didn't actually look very good--certainly not like the #2 team in the nation...but we were much, much worse.

(And, of course, it wasn't really a 12-point game. More like 20, if not for a little run at the end when Boeheim called 'em off.)


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