Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Carolina Collapses Again

This time against Miami, 57-63, Carolina's lowest score of the season...thus far...and have now lost to five unranked teams. 0-2 start to the ACC season.

The Heels shot a blistering 31% from the floor. Boy, there's nothing more frustrating in all of basketball fandom than watching a team that can't shoot. I simply don't know what's up with them.

This was even worse than the Wake Forest loss. At least in that loss, there were a few periods of excitement when they got something going. Granted,  in this game J. P. Tokoto had one hellacious, unbelievable dunk...but, other than that, the Heels might as well have not even shown up tonight.

Watching Carolina play this year--much like last year--is rather like listening to someone trying to start a car that simply will not start. It grinds and grinds, but simply won't turn over.

It's a painful, painful thing to watch. And I'm sure it's much more painful to live through. I feel for those guys.

Well, Syracuse on the road on Saturday...  If the Heels somehow manage to win that game...though it's virtually impossible to believe that they will...this really will be the weirdest W-L tally I've ever seen...

Hang in there, guys.


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