Sunday, January 05, 2014

Call For Papers: Trasgender Studies Quarterly: Theme: Tranimalities!!!!!!!

Wow, this is embarrassing.

I was tempted to title the post "the death of academia," or "the death of the humanities," but, fortunately, neither is accurate. This nonsense is limited to certain sectors of the humanities and social sciences, and certain "interdisciplinary" disciplines.

It's important to realize that this isn't something that's actually interesting, but sounds like gibberish to outsiders--like, e.g., contemporary physics or chemistry. Rather, it's actually just gibberish. Some highlights:
Tranimalities..seeks to attend to the trans-dimensions of recent critical moves beyond the human. With works like Queering the Non/Human (Nora Giffney and Myra Hird, eds., 2008), Animal Others (special issue of Hypatia, 2012; Lori Gruen and Kari Weil, eds.), the Queer Inhumanisms (special issue of GLQ, forthcoming, Mel Y. Chen and Dana Luciano, eds.), and Tranimacies: Intimate Links Between Affect, Animals, and Trans* Studies; forthcoming, Eliza Steinbock, Marianna Szczygielska, and Anthony Wagner, eds.) providing some of the groundwork, TSQ’s special issue Tranimalities aims to contribute a specifically trans intervention into the discussion of the anti-, non-, in-, and posthuman.

But wait, there's more!  By all means, if you like to feel superior to stupid people, read the whole thing...but here are just a few of the suggested paper topics, for your amusement and irritation:

Bestiality/zoophilia/ “furries” as tranimal erotic formations? 
Transgendered posthumous life– what becomes of trans not only in the death of Man but also in the death of life? 
Could the move to transgenre and away from transgender provide a productive opening to theorize posthuman or posthumous transgender Transgenics/transplantations—How does the social aesthetic of transness shape and reshape biopolitical life?

Jesus, this nonsense. It's a crime that university positions are taken up by people to do this kind of crap. Sometimes I think that academia deserves the derision that ordinary people so often heap on it.


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