Sunday, December 01, 2013

Robyn Urback: No, Movember Is Not Misogynist


This is so obvious that, instead of discussing it in detail, it really ought to be an occasion for thinking about the derangement of the postmodern left.


Blogger The Mystic said...

For whatever it's worth, I've never encountered this garbage outside of academia and the sad reaches of the Interwebs to which you have directed me.*

As you noted previously, one is likely more directly exposed to this nonsense, being, as you are, in academia (and in the humanities, no less!). Being that this is the primary reason I left academia, I can at least offer you the hope (and I think, in this case, reasonable belief), that the strong majority of those folks outside of academia have not the luxury of receiving compensation for unwittingly manufacturing and lamenting obnoxiously nonsensical parodies of reason.

Of course, as I have done my part in making you somewhat aware, people outside of academia still manage to be compensated for doing a shitty's just that their jobs aren't related to this nonsense...and so they have no incentive to produce it.

...not that they aren't of a quality whereby they would produce it were they so incentivized...


That got less inspirational towards the end. Just re-read the first two paragraphs if you're sad again.

*Yet another illustrious commonality shared by the academy and the likes of 4chan.

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