Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Republican Temper-Tantrum

Wow, these people are going to hold their breath until those poopy-head Democrats give up on that poopy-head Obamacare...  They really have fetishized that law. Their hatred for it is out of all proportion to the hatred that any reasonable conservative could possibly have for it. Of course their hatred of Obamacare is not independent of their hatred of and contempt for Obama. Some of this, it seems, really is personal with them. (Though, on the other hand, they have frothing-at-the-mouth hated the last 2-3 Democratic presidents...)

Too bad they have the power to hold the whole country's breath, too...

What's the cost of all of this, other than to our national pride? Apparently something on the order of $2-3 billion per day.

(Oh Douglas there any sophistry too sophistical for you? He seems pleased with the claim that a shutdown might cost, per day, about what it costs to keep the government open anyway... one of those cases we get something for that money, no? Or am I missing something here?)

And what's the cost of ending the shutdown? John Boehner's job, maybe.

My fellow Americans...that is a price I'm willing to pay...


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