Thursday, August 08, 2013

Resisting Rape is an Effective Strategy


Women are often told that they should not attempt to fight back against rapists, but actual data shows that being verbally aggressive in response to rape attempts, running away and fighting back are all surprisingly effective strategies:

Passive strategies (e.g. pleading) basically don't work at all.


"Forceful verbal resistance, including yelling and loud screaming, was more effective than non-forceful verbal resistance. These strategies were associated with completion of rape from 44% - 50% of the time."


"Running worked even better than verbal resistance. Although researchers who relied on rape crisis center records and police records report a 55% rape completion rate against those who attempted to flee, broader studies … indicate that only 15% of women who attempted to flee were raped. Running was also associated with a lower rate of injury."


"Forceful physical resistance was an extremely successful strategy. The completed rape rate dropped to between 45% and 14% [to at least 45% and as low as 14%] when the rapist's attempt was met with violent physical force. Striking was more successful than pushing or wrestling. Physical resistance also appears to be more effective when assault occurs outdoors."

I strongly suggest reading the whole post. It's extremely clear and concise, short, interesting, and informative.


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