Thursday, August 08, 2013

Lady GaGa Pisses Off Idiots All Over The Political Spectrum

(slightly NSFW)

Wow...I'm not a fan, but you've kinda gotta respect somebody who can so effectively piss of the far-right Neanderthals and the barking moonbats of the lefty-left at the same time...

It's easy to see why religious fundamentalists of a certain stripe are pissed off. By why the left? Why, it's the new sin of "cultural appropriation," [1] of course! You see, everything Westerners do is wrong, wrong, wrong, and all cultures--except, of course, Western culture--must be revered. It is offensive something something to borrow anything from another culture because bullshit bullshit bullshit...


The lefty-left has little real power in the U.S., so they aren't nearly as dangerous as the right... But it's not for lack of trying. For my money, pound for pound, the far left is crazier than the far right. For one thing, the right basically has its crazy story and it's sticking to it... You know where you stand with them. They like God, guns, the military, and rich people. They hate sex, uppity wimmins, atheists, eggheads, and suchlike.  The left, however, loves making up new crazy shit all the time. They in particular like manufacturing new sins. It used to be obligatory to borrow lots of things from other cultures lest you be insufficiently multicultural or, heaven forfend, ethnocentric. Now borrowing from other cultures is verboten. (Oops...there I went again, appropriatin' again...) Well, it's verboten for, y'know, Westerners, white people...the usual suspects. But, uh, not, you know, anybody else...

When you find yourself defending burkas, you really do need to reassess your flipping position.

If anything ever needed to be ridiculed mercilessly, it's the goddamned burka.

[Incidentally, if you want to read some really super-duper incoherent nonsense about all this, Metafilter is happy to oblige...  If you want to read interesting discussions about, say, H. P. Lovecraft or the Misfits or bagpipes or, well, all kinds of stuff, MeFi is a good place to go...  But when stuff like this comes up, MeFi turns into a slightly-more-adult version of Tumblr. The astonishing incoherence of some of this stuff just blows me away.]

[1] Yes, yes...I realize that's a link to Jezebel...  Yes, I realize that's not a serious source. But of course no serious sources are going to whine about this... this link! It may very well be the stupidest thing you read on the interwebs this week. It's got everything..."privilege"..."appropriation"...and many, many more idiotic buzzwords!


Blogger The Mystic said...

You know, the more you read from these anti-cultural-appropriation folks, the worse they are. I wish I hadn't even read their "rationale" for their position. I'd much rather just take it as alogical emo whining, but no, instead I have to know that they are all high and mighty because OBVIOUSLY no one can ever understand another culture, and therefore cultural appropriation is wrong. Other cultures aren't TOYS for your ETHNOCULTURAL ARROGANCE. ADMIT YOUR FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND THE OTHER.

PoMoers are little gremlins tearing the skin from my sanity.

8:07 PM  

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