Saturday, May 18, 2013

RadFem 101: What Happens When Feminism Becomes a Cult

Here's one of the loonier web pages you'll ever read.

Hint: if you find yourself seriously using terms like "patriarchy," "mansplaining," and "PIV-centric," it's time to step away from the vat of Kool-Aid... And that's not even to address the substance of the thing (where we find nuggest of wisdom like: "Under patriarchy, being male is the only thing one needs to gain access to the good things in life"...which, if true, would be still more evidence that we do not live in a patriarchy...)

I stopped categorizing myself as a feminists basically for two reasons. (a) I kept running into people like this, and (b) the liberal feminists I knew were not willing to call them on their nonsense. Though, being explicitly told by several feminists that men, liberals and analytic philosophers cannot be feminists also played some role...

I still think that the goals of egalitarian feminism are important and significantly unmet...but there's no way that I can be associated with a political position that happily embraces radicals of this stripe. Other liberals have a higher loony lefty tolerance than I have, but they shouldn't. These people are every bit as at odds with our principles and goals are conservatives.

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