Friday, May 17, 2013

Nooners Freaks Out

Looks like she's losing that last wee bit of a grip on reality.

Sullivan responds.

When a group of people thinks that every Democratic president deserves impeachment simply for being Democratic...well, imagine what they'll think when something genuinely goes wrong... Nooners and company were already in freak-out mode before any of this stuff happened, and were already trying to figure out some way to make Benghazi into a "scandal"...  Jesus, imagine the joy in crazyville when news of the IRS and AP stuff broke...

I'm eager to get the straight dope on the IRS business and the AP business...  But Nooners and the rest of the fever swamp loonies have been shrieking non-stop about Obama's fictive awfulness for five years now. Having cried "wolf" since before the election of 2008, do they really think anyone is going to give their words any weight?

Well, sadly, some people might...


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