Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Cultural Appropriation"

Does anybody know how it is that people get this confused? Anybody?

Actually, I know the answer: bad theories, a lack of intellectual honesty, dogmatism, and a desire to appear morally superior.

Yet another ass-backward, ridiculous sin dreamt up by the lefty/"SJW" set.

Now hear this: there is absolutely nothing--nothing--wrong with adopting stuff from other cultures. Contra the moron on the other end of the link, such things are eminently speparable from bits of their history (e.g. colonialism). You wanna wear paisley? Go right ahead. Not a damn thing wrong with it. In fact, that in particular is a frivolous decision, and the stuff is now a part of our culture anyway for chrissake. Wanna listen to African music? Read the Kalavala? Wear a kilt? Be a Buddhist? Paint Aztec designs on your wall? You go girl. That is all cool. You are under no obligation to pile stuff from other cultures into your life, but there's tons of great stuff out there, and you'll likely have a richer life for doing so. It'll be good for you and good for the culture in question. Added benefit: you'll piss off stupid people. Win-win-win.

Jebus, the confusions runs so deep over there it's hard to even know where to begin.

Remember how, like, a few years ago you'd have been terrible and ethnocentric if you didn't go out of your way to bring bits of other cultures into your life? Well, see, lefty fashions have changed, and now it is verboten. (Oops...there I go, appropriating the German language... )

"Cultural appropriation" is an invented sin, manufactured by third-rate intellects in an effort to alleviate the boredom associated with moving incrementally forward with actual moral and political reforms in the actual world.

These people are just religious fanatics in political guise. They love living in a world of original sin, in which we are all automatically irredeemably prejudiced by virtue of our very birth, they love pofessing their sinful "privilege," and love displaying their putative purity/alleged moral superiority even more. These people are political fundamentalists.

It's a kind of madness sweeping through a not-terribly-bright sector of the interwebs.

The sloppy thinking, crackpot philosophy and letfist fanaticism...yet another generation of lunacy descended, as seems clear, from postmodernism.

If you'll remember, I predicted that the loony left would crawl out of the woodwork in a second Obama term, as they did in Clinton's second term...  Dang I hate bein' right all the time...

Fortunately, it kinda seems to me that liberals are having none of this stuff this time around. They knucked under and cowered in fear of the PCs in the '90's...but the SJWs are so patently loony that I'll actually be kind of surprised if this particular flavor of insanity gains any currency...


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