Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Gonna Be a Long Season...

Well, Carolina got massacred by Indiana last night. They basically got destroyed by Butler in Maui, but managed to make it look like a respectable loss in the end. No such luck last night.

Oh,'s good do see the Hoosiers back...but too bad we had to be on the receiving end of this whoopin'...

The Heels look absolutely terrible, and there's no reason to try to finesse that point. Nothing about their game looks good. They look like five guys milling around at random hoping to get a shot. It's not that this is unexpected after losing Marshall, Zeller, Henson and Barnes...  We knew it would be a rebuilding year. And it's a young team. But wow.

Any hope we had for a good season had been hanging largely on a fairly slender thread: that at least two of Bullock, McDonald, and Hairston would find their range from three. I didn't believe it would happen, and it hasn't. Hairston is apparently a total freak who can hit 3s regularly from nearly practice. But not in games. There are also a lot of hopes hanging on James Michael McAdoo, though he's not that big and seems to struggle against bigger opponents.

Anyway. Last year was painful in many ways, especially with the season in effect ending on what was in effect an intentional foul by Creighton that broke Marshall's wrist. But this season is going to be painful in very different ways. We do have the best coach in the country, of course...and if anybody can pull this season together it'll be Roy...  But I'm not holding my breath.

Hey, we won the election... I'm willing to endure a tough hoops season...


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