Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drum: Lies, Damn Lied and Mitt Romney

Drum thinks that the GOP has turned some kind of corner, lie-wise.

As he notes, the current batch of lies are not worse than the swift-boating of Kerry, nor than the endless twisting of Gore's words...but he thinks something different is going on now...that something has changed.

Well, contemporary American conservatism has little regard for the truth...and with the advent of the web, anybody who's interested can discover pretty quickly that they are lying, and doing so all the time...and yet they keep on keeping on, apparently not caring that they are flat-out lying and every even minimally-informed person knows it...  This seems to require them to elevate their game in a certain way, I suppose... Many even well-informed people didn't know the real story of Gore and his alleged claim to have "invented the internet"...  Would the GOP of 2000 retracted their lies? No, probably not. Would they at least have moved on to some different and less patent lie? Mmmm.... Just not sure. I'm not sure that Drum is right...but I'm not at all sure that he's wrong...


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