Monday, November 22, 2010

Krugman: GOP Prefers Hurting the Dems to Helping the Country


I'm not a big Krugman fan, but I agree with him about this. Sadly, I've come to think that beating the Dems matters to the GOP more than helping the country does. In fact, I have--very reluctantly--come to believe the following crazy-sounding thing: the GOP is the biggest threat the U.S. currently faces.

Sure, al Qaeda is insane and evil...but they have little power. The GOP can, just by being obstinately partisan, send us into--just for example--a long-term economic tailspin.

And, of course, it's not just Obama that's set them off. They've gotten crazier in the last ten years, but the main idea is the same as it was during the Clinton administration: no Democratic President is a legitimate President. The rules are, apparently: Republican Presidents are beyond reproach no matter what they do; impeachment, however, ought to be the fate of every Democratic President. They relentlessly maneuvered Clinton into a corner, and then impeached him for the most moronic of reasons, and they've already made it clear that nothing would please them more than doing the same to Obama. And all this while the nation burns.

One of the reasons I support Obama is because I share his bipartisan inclinations. But that ship has sailed--or, rather, it was scuttled. The only way to save the nation now is probably to beat the GOP into submission...perhaps beating some sense into it while we're at it. It's not my first option, and I wish there were an alternative...but I don't see one.


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