Saturday, July 31, 2021

Jussim and Bernstein: The Macro-Subjectivity Of "Microaggression" Studies

No surprise--but props to them for doing this
Subjectivity, of course, is part of what makes postmodern progressive PC insanity possible. Pomo says that all interpretations are equally good/bad, and pomo-prog PC survives on interpreting everything as what they want it to be. And what they mostly want things to be is racist.  Or, y'know, some rough equivalent thereof--misogynist, "trans" "phobic," etc. 
"Liberal science" to use Rauch's term, wants, y'know, science. Interpretation is hypothesis at best--and hypothesis without testing is basically useless. Or worse. Since they're allowed to interpret everything however they like, of course they're winning. Anybody allowed to do that will win. 
Postmodernism is the paradigm of what Peirce called "studying in a literary spirit."


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