Saturday, May 15, 2021

Scientists Demand Answers On COVID Origins

Wait, I thought The Expertstm already told us that the lab-leak hypothesis was a Conspiracy Theorytm...and we must always believe The Expertstm just like we must always follow The Sciencetm???
   Again I say: the nonsense about conservatives rejecting expertise is, well, nonsense. What they reject is pseudoexpertise and Lysenkoism. There is no doubt that progressive control the public face of many sciences and quasi-sciences. The left dresses politics up as science, and when conservatives finally say We're not falling for that again they're declared to be anti-science. Total bullshit. 
  Also: coopting science for political purposes is about an order of magnitude worse than simply rejecting scientific conclusions.
  Also: postmodernism is far more anti-science than anything on the right other than the extreme religious right. They're in principle anti-science.
  Also: critical theory, especially including critical race theory, is more pseudoscientific than anti-scientific.


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