Wednesday, January 06, 2021

They Stole Our Landslide Win...But Go Home In Peace

He couldn't leave out the other shit just this once...
   But, look. "Go home in peace" is direct and even a little touching. So, really, props to him on that.
   But saying the other shit is just, well, anti-Presidential.
   Granted, the other side bent over backwards to fan the flames of their $2 billion+ riots... Those riots--also based on falsehoods--are treated as evidence of America's failings--indicators that the rioters are right and righteous. Indicators that we have to re-engineer the whole country. Wonder whether these will be treated analogously? Waddaya think? Trump immediately tells his supporters to go home... Did anything analogous happen on the other side? I mean, eventually Biden said something condemnatory...eventually...
   But obviously this never should have happened, and Trump's big mouth and inability to accept defeat is at the root of it. 


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