Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Pro-Trump Rioters Storm Capitol, Stop Electoral Certification

Whelp, here we go.
   Trump's irresponsible bullshit pays off.
   Tell a bunch of people that the election's being stolen--how do you expect them to act? Feed people bullshit premises that clearly support some radical, violent course of action...there is absolutely no surprise due when they perform that action. If we knew the election were being stolen, it would probably be obligatory to storm the Capitol and stop the count. But, of course, we know no such thing. Trump and right-wing Twitter just keep saying--with utter certainty--over and over and over--that the election was stolen. Total fucking bullshit. There's all the difference in the world between:
(a) There's significant reason to think this election was not entirely on the up-and-up
(b) We know the election was stolen.
The former is true; the latter is false.
   Setting aside the intrinsic nature of this insane, right-wing bullshit for the moment...because it's too enormous for me to get my head around...let me instead focus on the extreme fucking stupidity of the right. Aside from the fact that they've just handed the most unhinged political faction in the U.S. in my lifetime complete control of the legislature and executive...they've now basically put a bullet in the head of Republicans and conservatives. The left will never, ever let the public forget about this...nor should they. Turns out that the right is too fucking stupid and crazy to act as a counterweight to the stupid, crazy left. Way to go you fucking assholes. 
   And don't even get me started on Trump. That stupid sonofabitch. He almost saved the country....but he couldn't keep his big fucking mouth shut. 
   You stupid assholes not only just stormed the United States Capitol, you just handed control of the country over to an insane, hard-left cult for, well, possibly the rest of your lives. You stupid assholes deserve to suffer.


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